Spring calls in Kiev

The spring has just shown us a bit of its sunny weather and on the streets of Kyiv you can already see beautiful girls walking without their warm winter hats and scarfs, find their highest heals but still comfortable heals because it is not snowing anymore and they are save to look beautiful without diving into the snow or even sliding and falling on the ice. The perfect time for some long walks around the city in search of squirrels. If you wonder where you can find this fast fluffy animals, we have some tips for you. Just don’t miss these places!

As you can imagine, in Kyiv there are lots of parks. But not everywhere you can find squirrels. You will say – why should I even start searching for these animals!? The reason is simple and it is quite possible that you have multiple reasons:

  1. You are bored and you want to escaped from this crowdy capital;

  2. It is warm and you haven’t tried your new bright coat yet;

  3. You have some walnuts at home and you want to share them;

  4. You like nature and animals;

  5. You are crazy about parks.

We prepared some information for you about the best parks for weekend rest or for walking after work or for a meeting with your friends. Here they are.

Forest Park “Vynohradar”

This park is great for nature lovers. It is not equipped like other Kyiv parks. You have noticed that in the name of the park there is a word ‘forest’. Don’t be surprised. Vynohradar district is relatively new and it was built in the place where the pine forest started. Now it is the most popular place for the picnic among the locals. Inside the park, there is a restaurant and places for making fire. The entrance is opposite the bus stop. You can also rent a bike and cycle inside the park breathing all that fresh pine air. Don’t come there on May holidays because there is an insane amount of people there and the air smells like barbecue.

On a working day you will definitely see one of the local squirrels. And if you take some not cracked walnuts, they will take this delicious meal right out of your hands.

This park is pretty close to one of the most famous places in Kyiv – Puscha-Vodytsya.

How to get there

It is a bit hard to find it on the map. But there are several ways to get there by public transport. The easiest way is to the metro station Nyvky and from there take the trollebuy 26 and go to the final stop.

Another option is to go to Syrets metro station and take the bus 439 till the final stop.

Nyvky Park

This park requires reconstruction. Nevertheless, it is always crowded. People come here to feed the ducks, to cycle and just to spend time with their families. The park is big enough. It stretches between two metro station and has four lakes. To be honest, you can only see water in three of them. The fourth has grown with different kinds of plants. Some Kyiv photographers come here to take pictures of the birds that you can’t meet anywhere else in Kyiv.

Nyvky Park in summer
Nyvky Park in summer

It can take half of the day if you want to walk from one side of the park to the other with stops for taking selfies with the ducks, eating your lunch, watching how cyclists try to get through the crowd of people… If you want to get in touch not only with nature but also with people.

It is highly unlikely that you find squirrels in this park. But if you go to the fourth lake, you might see amazing birds.

How to get there

By public transport you just go to Nyvky or Beresteiska metro station. As simple as that.

Feofaniya Park

This park is very beautiful and fully equipped. The location is not very convenient so for this one it’s better if you rent a car. The entrance is not free (20 UAH per person) but a good thing is that you can go to the official website and check out all the prices and the instructions.

Here you can have a virtual tour: http://feofaniya.kiev.ua/site/vr/tour.html

In the park there are several lakes that were created by men. People are actually not afraid to swim there.

In general, it is a nice place to spend time with your family and friends. Sometimes you can even get to the music festivals that take place in the park. It is better to some in summer.

Feofaniya Park in summer
Feofaniya Park in summer

Syretskyy Park

This one is again for nature lovers. It is not fully equipped. The locals are very lucky that this park wasn’t destroyed by building yet. And the main reason for that is that it is situated on the hill and the earth moves constantly leaving no chance for the builders.

As for the city cyclists, it’s one of their favourite places starting from early spring up to the late autumn. Here they can try their first extreme rides going down from the hills without even a hint on a road. There are not too many people in this park, the air is always fresh. If you’ve ever been to a mixed forest and you want to refresh your memories, you should definitely visit this park.

If you want to try cycling yourself, there is a bike rental not far from the park as well as Dynamo Children’s Club. You can watch the game there without even coming inside – you can see the game through the fence.

The probability of meeting squirrels and feeding them: 90%.

How to get there

It is very simple. You just go by metro till Syrets station.

Bike rental: http://veloprokat.net.ua/

KPI Park (Kyiv Politechnic Institute Park)

This one is of those lively and popular parks as it is a part of the university. People often come to this park to feed the squirrels. It may sound funny but in this park you can actually find them.

It is located relatively close to the city centre. As for the size, it’s not big but you will definitely enjoy sitting on one of the benches and talking to your friend, or just read a book.

Official website: http://kpi.ua/ru/node/10080

KPI Park in summer
KPI Park in summer

Mariinsky Park

This is the most popular park in Kyiv. The location is very convenient for people who come to the capital of Ukraine for the first time. From this park you can see many interesting places, for example, the left side of Dnipro River, a sadly famous helicopter platform.

You can start you walk from Arsenalna metro station, which is the deepest metro station in Europe, and then go down till you reach The Arch of Peoples Friendship. It takes a good hour to get there. While walking, you will see some interesting places such as the Bridge of Beloved and the Puppet Theatre. It is the best park to get familiar with the city, to feel the rhythm and to communicate with natives. It is more likely that you meet English speaking people here.

Mariinsky Park, end of summer
Mariinsky Park, end of summer

Don’t forget to bring the walnuts! And have a great walk!