Have you even thought of spending in a dead zone? Fortunately, now you can a certain amount of money, and you will be taken anywhere you want. Over 30 years passed, and Chornobyl is open for the crowds of tourists.


The first step is to decide when you want to go. The best season for visiting Chornobyl is summer. In summer, you can really see how nature takes what belongs to it, how it hides the houses where only 31 year people lived, happy and hopeful. It will make your skin crawl as soon as you see the top of the house, hidden in a true forest.


The Main Street of Prypiat Town (Chornobyl Exclusion Zone), Abandoned House

During the rest of the year you won’t really feel this powerful message that nature lives for us. And the air is just perfect when everything around you blooms and lives.

You need to sit together and surf different Ukrainian websites to find a great guide. This person is extremely important for you and should be bilingual (English-Ukrainian, German-Ukrainian). The guide need to be fully aware of the places that you need to see and visit, of the people you can meet and talk to in the exclusion zone, of the things that you must and you mustn’t do while there. You shouldn’t feel a language border.  So contact several guides on the phone to make sure that you pick a perfect one. A lot of guide publish their announcements on the OLX website and help with the documents (as they do these excursions often and know people). Don’t stick to the group. It’s better to plan this trip just for you two. You can easily rent a car which will allow you to come and leave at any time of the day.

If you have chosen your guide, it’s time find something with long sleeves. It’s a pity to tell you but if you like to wear dresses, it’s time to put them deep into the closet. You important body parts should be covered. In other words, you need to wear long pants, closed trainers or shoes, a shirt with long sleeves.

Here the preparation part ends. The next step is to ruin the myth that you heard. It will help you to relax and enjoy your date.

Main Myths

The first myth is about animals. It is believed that once you step into the exclusion zone, you see the dogs with two heads, giant mosquitos, and people affected by radiation. None of these is true. The only surprising thing that you’ll see is the amount of green trees around you.


“Polissya” Hotel, Prypiat Town

The second myth is that it is dangerous to spend even some hours in the exclusion zone. It is not true. The level of radiation in Chornobyl 30 km zone in between 10 and 14 mSv while in some zones of Kyiv City it reaches 12 mSv (e.g. Liutizh Village, Kyiv Region). It is ok to spend a day in Chornobyl. If you come to exclusion zone in the morning and leave before 17:00, you will be perfectly fine.

The final myth we want to ruin is that Chornobyl is a dead zone. It is definitely not. Workers come there every day by bus from the neighbouring villages and leave in the evening or stay for their shift. There are also over 100 people living in Chornobyl. They were evacuated after the tragedy, but later came back because they missed their home. Now they got used to that kind of living and refuse to leave. Of course, there are no hospitals. The closest hospital is in Ivankiv Town, Kyiv Region. And in general the living conditions are unacceptable: you can’t drink local water, you can’t eat local food, and you can’t grow anything in your own garden (though some people don’t obey these rules).


A Private House, Chornobyl

Must-See Things and Places

There are four top-things that you need to see in the exclusion zone.

The first one is the memorial of the villages that were destroyed due to the tragedy. You will shimmer when you see all those names crossed with red lines. At home, you can search some information about those villages… in case you are interested.

The Destroyed Villages Memorial, Chornobyl Town

The second place is the Power Plant itself and a new sarcophagus. The guides say that the catfishes in the water around the power plant are huge. That happens because it is forbidden to go fishing in the exclusion area. And the tourists like to bring bread to feed the fish. Maybe you are lucky, and some catfish will jump out of the water to surprise you. Don’t forget to bring something tasty.

Chornobyl Power Plant, New Sarcophagus

The third place is a ferris wheel in Prypiat Town. Hold hands and imagine the despair that people felt at the moment of tragedy. And listen to the sound of nature.

A Ferris Wheel, Prypiat Town

The fourth and final place you need to see, the place, which will make you appreciate what you have, is an abandoned kindergarten. No words needed here. Just stop and look.

An Abondoned Kindergarten, The Exclusion Zone

Follow the Rules

The rules that you need to follow in the exclusion zone are very simple. You can’t walk on the grass, you can’t eat anything that grows there or drink local water, you can’t touch the trees. Try to step on the asphalt. The level of radiation is higher on the ground because it sucked radioactive elements. If you don’t want to end your trip naked, it’s better to follow there rules. On the way out of the exclusion zone there are radiation detectors. If your clothes are contaminated, the detector will show it, and the guards won’t let you out.


Radiation Level, Prypiat Town

Before you go, you can watch an additional video about the Chornobyl tragedy following the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0T-yN3xIks

Have a safe trip!