Lately, it has been extremely popular all over the world to eat less junk food. More and more people in different corners of our planet go vegetarian or even vegan. The most controversial and yet super tasty and nutritious diet is raw veganism. This type of diet means that any food should be cooked at a temperature below 40°C. It doesn’t matter whether you eat meat or not. You will definitely enjoy going to the best raw vegan restaurants of Ukraine. Just to try something new and surprise your significant other with some luxurious products cooked to perfection. We have chosen our Top 3.



It is situated in Kyiv city centre next to one of the most popular shopping malls and metro station Palats Sportu. This place will make you fall in love with the interior design and polite waiters. This restaurant is also suitable for non-vegetarians who eat seafood and lactovegetarians. This place is wonderful for those who have a raw vegan friend but enjoys eating animal products. There are two different menus. The owners are very responsive in social networks so you can ask for an advice or just thank them for a nice meal.

TO TRY: raw vegan sushi and “exotic” roulade.



It is located in Kharkiv. In case you are planning to come not only to see the capital of Ukraine but also other major cities, you have to visit this place. The owners and the cooks in the restaurant and they really commit to the last bit into their business. There is a yoga room in this place! The owners are always helpful and smiling. If you come there for the first time, they will tell you what you need to start with. The only animal product here is honey but you won’t regret that!

TO TRY: raw berry cake, sesame seeds halva, raw vegan sushi, raw chocolate “pancakes”.


Raw Pancakes, Vitamin
Raw Vegan Sushi, Vitamin



This piece of heavenly raw vegan food closes our top. Here you can find anything you want – from pasta to the most amazing and comforting chocolate chip biscuits! Yes, you read it right. It is possible to make raw vegan green buckwheat biscuits without baking, just using the dehydrator. You won’t believe how delicious raw food can be until you visit this restaurant. Cashew sour cream, the healthiest burritos ever, the most amazing cutlets… This food is just out of this world! This restaurant was included in the Top 100 restaurant of Ukraine.

TO TRY: “prune in sour cream” cake, buckwheat cutlets, chocolate chip biscuits, “cheese” sticks, burritos.


Restaurant “Nebos”
Raw Vegan Sushi, Nebos
Prunes in “Sour Cream”, Nebos

This is our Top 3 for you to try something new. Fresh food – fresh decisions. Make your life an adventure.

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