Are you an adventurous person? Did you like Geography at school? Did you know that a geographic centre of Europe is situated in a small Ukrainian village called Dilove in Zakarpattya region? And it’s worth visiting!

Dilove Village Landscape

Why Dilove?

This village is a peaceful mountain place on Ukraine-Romania border. This is the checkpoint for all the backpackers who go hiking to one of the most famous mountains of Ukrainian Carpathians – Pip Ivan Marmoroskyy. While walking here, you will see crowds of those backpackers attracted with this wonderful view and fresh air. Especially in summer.

Several years ago, to go hiking in this village you had to have a special permission and your passport. Now, the access is free. There is some kind of a custom service but the workers are actually very nice.

As soon as you enter the village, you will see small shops, people selling fruit outside. But you shouldn’t stop here (well, maybe to buy the most amazing tomatoes grown in the mountains). From the bus stop you should walk several metres to see the sign that says that you are in the geographic heart of Europe! Here the fairytale starts. You can cross the river and enter a border zone.


Yalynskyy Waterfall Sign

Let us take you to a fascinating place – Yasynskyy waterfall. It is the highest waterfall of Ukrainian Carpathians. It is 26 m high! The way to this waterfall is pretty harsh and even dangerous. That’s why it’s better to go in July when it stops raining. You will be amazed with this place. Even if a waterfall doesn’t attract your attention, you will definitely enjoy being in the forest, and looking at the plants that you’ve never seen before! And believe us – there are lots! There is also a possibility of meeting a moose. Buy a carrot at a local kiosk just in case…

The Waterfall
A Butterfly, on the Route Dilove-Pip Ivan Marmoroskyy

This trip will be perfect for those couples who are tired of other people around and just want to spend more time together somewhere in the wild.

How to get there?

Most people come to Kyiv or other big cities. They never imagine that Ukraine has such terrific nature. To see that nature you should only spend approximately 23 hours in a direct train Kyiv-Rakhiv. It will cost you more or less 250 UAH. Don’t waste your money on renting a car. It is really dangerous and you will probably get lost somewhere in Western Ukraine. In Rakhiv, you go to the bus station and buy the ticket for the closest bus to Dilove. They depart every 30 minutes. Fat chance of missing them. It takes 20 minutes to get from Rakhiv to Dilove.

Where to stop?

As soon as you arrive in Rakhiv (you will definitely enjoy the view), you need to stay somewhere. Surprisingly, the best place in this city is Dream Hostel. It’s proven. Clean, quiet, polite staff, super-comfortable beds. It’s cheap but, no doubt, one of the best hostels in Ukraine. You will enjoy private rooms for sure. An exciting view from your room is guaranteed.

Don’t hesitate! Explore Ukraine!

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